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Who Is The IAEP?

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Who Is The IAEP?
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Who Is The IAEP Local 152?

The IAEP Local 152 is comprised of the professional EMT's and Paramedics serving the Town of Union in Greater Binghamton. IAEP L-152 members currently serve the 60,000 plus residents of the Town and also its many visitors on a day to day basis. Our members respond over 8,000 calls annually. The Local 152 represents the rights and interests of its membership. The goal of the IAEP Local 152 is to ensure that our members are treated like the professionals that they truly are, and to provide working conditions which allow them to provide top notch care to our patients.

The IAEP Local 152 helps to support those that are less fortunate. IAEP members are annual participants and major fundraising contributors at our local Saint Baldricks event. The Saint Baldricks Foundation supports research for a cure to childhood cancer.


Central Station: 8 S. Ave. B Endwell

Central Station serves as the agencies headquarters and is staffed 12-24 hours/ day. Central houses four (4) Advanced Life Support ambulances and two fly cars. Crews stationed at Central primarily cover responses in Endwell and Eastern portions of the Village of Endicott.

West Station: 323 Maple St., Endicott

West Station serves as on of the agencies satelite stations. IAEP members staff West Station 24 hrs/day. West Station houses two (2) Advanced Life Support ambulances, the agencies bicycle response team as well as the agency community response trailer. IAEP members stationed at West primarilly respond to the Village of Endicott, West Corners and West Endicott. Members stationed at West also frequently provide mutual aid and Advance Life Support incercept service to surrounding agencies.

East Station: Riverside Dr., Johnson City

East Station also serves as one of the agencies satelite stations. East Station houses two (2) Advanced Life Support ambulances. IAEP members staff East Station 24/7. East Station primarily responds to the Village of Johnson City, Westover, Choconut Center, and portions of Endwell when an ambulance is not staffed at Central Station.